Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Egypt and its transition from revolution!

Protesters gather at Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo

Oh, funny seeing you here, reader.

Want to hear about Egypt and the revolution it had? I know you can't hear me. Just read it. I typed it out for you.

Let's start off with a little comparison:

1981-January 2011: President Hosni Mubarak is the President of Egypt

1981-January 2011: Jimmy Carter is president. Ronald Reagan is president.  George H. W. Bush is president. Bill Clinton is president. George W. Bush is president. Barack Obama is president.

That's 30 years, you guys. 30 YEARS.

During this time Egypt faced poverty, high unemployment, and government corruption

Also, Mubarak rigged elections but that seems obvious since he was in power for 30 YEARS (THIRTY YEARS)

January 25: It's Police day in Egypt! A national holiday to commemorate the police!

January 25: It's a "Day of Rage" in Egypt! A time where Egyptians flooded Tahrir Square in Cairo  and protested the government while calling for Mubarak to step down.

The protests were a youth-led movement. (You hear that youth? What have you done lately? Huh?)

Tahrir Square, also known as Liberation Square, is in downtown Cairo and is where most of the protests took place. 

Protests continue and police use tear gas, water cannons, and batons to discourage crowds from protesting.

As the protests continue, police and Egyptians across the country fight with rocks and firebombs.

Egyptians call for Mubarak to step down, but he refuses.

Mubarak fires his entire cabinet in a "Is this enough for you?" move to appease Egyptians.

Egyptians not amused.

Internet and cell phone services are disrupted by the government during the protests to prevent communication between young, Twitter savvy protesters

February 1: Mubarak gives a speech. It goes a little like this.

  Mubarak: "Hi, I'm not running for re-election."

  Egyptian Protestors: "HELL NO YOU'RE NOT. YES!"

  Mubarak: "But I'm not stepping down."

  Egyptian Protestors:" >:[ "

  Mubarak: "Also, I didn't really want power, you guys, I was just doing my job."

During the protests, pro-Mubarak forces (police officers dressed in civilian clothes) fired on protestors and whipped protestors from atop the horses and camels they were riding.

No joke there. There was a tactical camel crowd control unit. 


February 11: Mubarak resigns and hands over power to the army!

The army is well respected and promises to help with the transition. 

The army says it will hold elections in September.

Mubarak denies he did anything wrong as he hides from Egyptians.

Prosecutors in Egypt call in Mubarak for interrogation.

Mubarak has a heart attack right before this interview.

Mubarak and his sons are detained by Egyptian authorities.

They will appear before a court in Cairo on April 19.

That's the story so far!

Below is a great video about the people involved in the movement and it also has footage of Tahrir Square after protests and clashes between protestors and the police/pro-Mubarak forces. The place looked like a warzone.

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