Friday, April 8, 2011

Crisis averted!

Ho ho ho, dear readers,

Crisis averted! Huzzah! U.S.A.! U.S.A.! Go visit that national park you love and renew that passport, because you can! Probably. What happened before the government shutdown? How did we avoid assured disaster?  

At 11:20PM a stopgap resolution was passed after negotiations between Harry Reid, John Boehner, and President Obama

Negotiations yielded a proposed budget that would cut $38 billion out of the fiscal year

Fiscal year ends in about 6 months.

This will buy enough time to finalize the budget that was negotiated

Proposed budget will cut $38 billion this year

And cut $500 billion in the next decade

Planned Parenthood is safe, for now

EPA safe too

Funds for education programs kept

Pentagon gets $514 billion, a $5.3 billion increase! Score. The Pentagon can finally finish its dog shaped back pack holder. (It's so agile!) 

Watch out Defense, you're not free from the cuts

Foreign aid to be cut by $40 billion

This savings is to be kept under the presidential mattress in case of emergencies

So far, a budget hasn't been passed into law but one is on the way. There's more time to negotiate it thanks to the stopgap resolution that we weren't supposed to get. The government lives another day.

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