Friday, April 8, 2011

Government Shutdown Update

Good evening, 

I'm here to give you all the information I have on the government shutdown. The government will shut down if a budget is not passed. Without a budget, there is no way to fund the government and many of its services will stop. The last time this happened was in 1996 under the Clinton administration. This shutdown was led by Newt Gingrich, a current Senator and potential presidential candidate.

Why don't we have a budget?
The fiscal budget for 2011 was supposed to be passed in October, 2010

Harry Reid pulled the budget off the Senate floor, preventing a vote

Why. . .why would he do that?

        Left Leaning Opinion:    
Harry Reid faced a filibuster from Republicans in the senate that would have stalled other legislation

This would have wasted time in the Senate when other pressing issues needed to be dealt with

Instead of dealing with a filibuster that would have wasted valuable time, he pulled the budget from a vote

       Right Leaning Opinion:
Democrats had a majority in the Senate and could have passed the bill anyway

Harry Reid and President Obama failed as leaders to organize their party to vote

What have we been doing without a budget?
Congress has been passing "stop gap resolutions"

These resolutions have funded the government about 1-2 weeks at a time

The U.S. government has basically been given an allowance so it can go out on Friday nights and buy snacks at lunch

Why don't I get my allowance? You guys are the worst parents ever and I hate you. (Why aren't we passing any more resolutions?)

President Obama has promised to veto any new stopgap resolutions

This will force Congress to pass a budget by midnight tonight

At midnight tonight, the last stopgap resolution will stop funding the government

No more money for many government services, except those deemed essential

Papa Obama is putting his foot down

But what am I going to do without a budget!? I totally have stuff to buy and I need my allowance and I still hate you
(What happens if the government shuts down?)

The already fragile economy will take a huge hit and possibly fall into another recession

800,000 Federal workers that are considered nonessential will not receive their pay or they will be furloughed

Essential workers like soldiers and Postal Workers will have to work
Soldiers will get back pay or half a paycheck for the month, postal workers will most likely not be paid

Nonessential military personnel will not be paid

National parks, museums, and monuments will close

Passports and visas will not be processed

Small businesses contracted by the government will not receive their pay

Veterans' benefits and claims will be delayed

Garbage will not be collected in Washington D.C.

Loans for small businesses and homes will be halted

No processing of tax refunds 

What isn't affected?


Social Security still goes out

Congress men and women will still get paid
(wtf why: the government is bound by the Constitution to pay members of Congress)

Why haven't we passed a budget?

Riders on the bill have split Democrats and Republicans

The riders, if passed, will

  • defund Planned Parenthood
  • defund the Affordable Healthcare Act
  • defund the EPA
  • defund a program that subsidizes lunches for low income students
But. . .I love lunch.

Well, too bad. 

The most contentious issue at the moment is funding Planned Parenthood.

     Left Leaning Opinion:

Planned Parenthood provides vital health services to women, especially low income women

PP provides family planning services and provides birth control and contraception to the masses

The Hyde Amendment prevents any federal funding given to PP to be used for performing abortions

     Right Leaning Opinion:

Planned Parenthood performs abortions which are morally wrong

PP profits off of performing abortions

PP is the largest abortion provider in the U.S.

"Abortions account for 90% of Planned parenthood's service"
-Sen. John Kyl

Cutting funding to PP will be cutting spending and saving the government money

As of this moment, talks about a budget are still ongoing. There may be a three day resolution to temporarily avert a government shutdown. 

I'll keep you posted and update you throughout the night if crisis is averted or imminent. If there's anything you think I missed or need to know, leave a comment and I'll answer as soon as possible.

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